Retail Therapy

Ok here is a mindless, trashy, worthless, girlie post!! There will be plenty, rest assured, mingled in with the serious ones.

I went shopping this morning, at Chadstone Shopping Centre, or as my friend calls it “Chadstonia”. Its good for a little while, but great to get out! My trick is to get in early and get out early! I was in just after 9ish and had had enough by about 11. There were a lot of people there by that stage, probably enjoying an extra extra long weekend, what with the Melbourne Cup tomorrow.

I bought my new runners that I have been coveting online. I chose Nike Lunargides after comparing them with the flyknits. Cannot wait to have a run in them!! I hope they live up to my expectations!! The hardest part was choosing a colour 😛 Yes, Im such a girl!! 😛

Other pretties included an eagle t-shirt – something a little different, some new workout clothes from Lorna Jane – not that I need any but I think having comfy, good fitting clothes inspires you to work out more. Its like a reward you buy yourself before you even start sweating! Haha A tea-strainer and some nice lavender handwash capped off my couple of hours of sin.

Oh, and a nice tea from Jasper coffee. Yes, I know, tea from a coffee place. I just cant do coffee anymore – Im a complete tea convert. Im sure there is a post in there somewhere…..


photo             photo




1 thought on “Retail Therapy

  1. Fen

    Nice tshirt. I need me some more workout tops, well some workout tops. I just use random tshirts that I can rustle up at the time. I do have a proper tank top type one, but I get shy about showing my flabby arms! Ha ha ha!


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