Coffee or Tea?

So Ive always been an avid coffee connoisseur! Loved the stuff! Milky, sweet and the stronger the better.

However lately, Ive lost my taste for coffee. Ive become a tea drinker! I kind of feel dirty, like Im cheating on coffee or something. Its weird. Its playing on my mind, hence a blog post dedicated to it!

I don’t know what has happened. I never liked tea – apart from when I was sick and occasionally craved a milky, sweet tea if I couldn’t eat anything else. I had previously attempted to drink more herbal teas and green tea, but could never tolerate the stuff. Now I can tolerate it better, but its black tea that has grabbed me! I have about 8 different bold, black teas from T2 which Im chugging through. With some fake sugar and just a splash of milk, its my new enjoyment. And because it is lower in caffeine that coffee, I don’t mind enjoying a cuppa of an evening before bed. 

During this transition I did move to iced coffee for a while and then hot chocolate. But those beverages also fell by the wayside. 

I must admit I am feeling a lot better for this change. Im not sure if it is less caffeine, less sugar or less milk. I guess it could be a combination of the three. 

Please feel free to share your favourite black teas – strong and bold please, just like I like my men 😛

5 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea?

  1. Henrik Anderson

    It shouldn’t be a case of either/or, both have their place! A black tea I can recommend is cardamom tea. I bought mine from a halal shop in my town, but I reckon it’s widely available. I drink it black, no milk, no sugar. Check it out!

  2. Fen

    I can’t drink coffee, it gives me tachycardia & palpitations! Awesome fun 😉
    At the moment I’m digging plain ol’ Earl Grey tea. I have a cup with two double coated tim tams and I suck some tea through it so the tim tam turns to mush. Mmmmmm.
    My tea drinking goes in phases, my last fave was orange ceylon, before that irish breakfast.
    I’m totally addicted to Prana Chai ( it’s a hand blended chai and it’s adorable. I’ve become a total chai snob, I will ask at a cafe if their chai is powder, syrup or mix, if it’s not the mix then I won’t have it!

    1. remembertopause Post author

      Hahaha mmmmmm Tim Tan straws! I’ll need to do this again soon!
      I have some nice T2 Girly Grey at the moment – lighter and more floral. But I have a stack of bold, strong teas – Irish Brekky, Assam and Morning Red. All yummy.
      I will definitely check out the Prana Chai – Im not sure Ive ever had a chai!! Oooops! Don’t hate me!! lol

      1. Fen

        If you get it you need to know two things. It’s best done in a pot on the stove, aka warm the milk/water that way and you have to use soy. It’s just wrong with moo moo milk. Better still, come with me to my cafe some day and I’ll get Donovan to make it properly!!

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