A token post

Sorry blog!! I knew I would only end up neglecting you!

I’m currently juggling work and full time university, which doesn’t allow for such luxuries, it seems, as posting blog posts about one’s innermost feelies and happenings. I have had lots of things pop into my head that  would like to fill you in on (and get out of my head) but just haven’t done so :/ I will try harder. I promise!! 🙂

I have decided to commit to 4 university subjects for the trimester. I struggled with that decision a bit – was I over-committing? I figured it can’t hurt to try!! It is busy. It is hectic. Im having to be very organised, which in itself is tricky haha, but I am enjoying the subjects 🙂 As challenging as they are – yes, Behavioural Neuroscience, Im looking at you!! I am looking forward to when school finishes for the year, hence no more work, and I can devote all my time to study!! I will have 4 exams in February! Gah!! Massive gah!! I detest exams. I’m an assignment girl. I picked all previous teaching and arts subjects based on whether they had exams or not :/ But luckily 3 of them are multiple choice. Hopefully that will be in my favour!! Im really enjoying Psychopathology. Ive just learnt all about eating disorders and schizophrenia. So bizarre and amazing. From a clinical viewpoint, of course. Makes me want to be a clinical practitioner to be honest, but that’s a whole other story! Haha

I spent a few hours in Degraves St yesterday and Federation Square, helping out in an Amazing Race! I was a checkpoint detour thing! Haha I had cake. I won.

Ive had a headache on and off for 3 days :/ Stupid thing.

Im seeing a personal trainer at my gym. I had an initial appointment last week and a new program written for me. This wednesday she is going to take all my measurements – eeeek – and give me a complimentary personal training session. May die. I am pretty good with all my cardio work, but need help with the weights component. I think I can already see results from integrating them into my training. Cannot wait for even more drastic results! Fingers crossed!

Christmas is officially here, in my book – December 1st. I have a heavy heart. A heavy soul. In a bit of a hole. I think it is perhaps tied to the festive season and missing both Mum and Dad. Give me a a week to adjust. I will live. I’ve been invited to a friend’s for Christmas Day. That also makes me feel pretty crappy. Poor girl, she has nowhere to go. I honestly don’t care if I’m alone on Christmas Day – it wouldn’t be the first time. But others seem to think I need to not be. If only I could afford to run away at Chrissy again.

Must dash. Pulp Fiction is starting!

to be cont.

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