Ugh. Im a bad blogger! So much to blog, so little time!

Quick update about university – I managed to somehow pass all of my four subjects from trimester 1! Yay me!! I was sure I had failed Research Methods A! And had resigned myself to repeating it. Miracles do happen and I somehow managed a 58% for it. So now I can look forward to Research Methods B. Give me strength!

I’m happy I passed. I would have liked better scores though, of course. I’ve always received pretty good marks, but I knew the exams would kill my overall grade. I do not function well with exam situations, but can write a decent assignment.

New subjects seem okay – social psych, personality and understanding the mind to go with the research methods B.

Still have no idea what I want to do when this grad dip is done – and it could potentially be done in 3 or 4 months!! I need to make an appointment with career counsellors on campus and see what I can do with it or what further study is available to me once completed.

Anyway, that is my life at the moment. That and work. I’ve been squishing in as much work as I can before I need to take time off again for study. Ugh, yeah, still do not like teaching – even casual teaching. So draining. Funny thing, I’ve come across a couple of ex-students I taught in prep!! One is now in grade 5 and the other in grade 6. Both are/were problem children, anger/behaviour/autism spectrum issues, but it’s pleasing to see them as older kids. One, who refused to speak apart from yelling at me, has actually been conversing with me and the other, who had regular tantrums when something didn’t go his way, has been able to control himself so well – especially when going out during games etc. That used to really set him off!! Looking back, I would say I was dealing with this kid having about 15 tantrums a day in prep! I do not know how we both survived haha

Footy is back. I am ecstatically happy. I am off to watch the Blues and Port right now.

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