Disagreeable me!

I am a very cantankerous person. Whiney, bitchy, grumpy, sullen, moody, disagreeable. Im not sure how much by nature, probably around 50% based on nature/nurture, but I definitely allow far too many things and people in my environment get to me. It is something I need to work on. You may notice many complaints and rants emanating from me through various online and in-person modes haha

I like the old saying, “like water off a duck’s back”. I need to abide by it a bit more.

To reduce personal annoyance, I’ve learnt not to read the comment sections around sensitive subjects. Wow. On Facebook, media publication websites, various other social media sites. These can be an absolute breeding ground for idiots who are far too busy ascending their high-horses and addressing their own selfish agendas to consider what they are actually saying. Seriously, the rubbish that some people spout without regard to those around them is unbelievable. These same people are usually the ones pointing fingers and being blind to life going on around them. Get a grip.

I can get very agitated on the roads! I need to learn to be a calmer driver. I let people who refuse to keep left annoy me. People who lane hop, tail-gate or go too slow make me want to start shooting. I blame my impatience haha My impatient nature has a lot to answer for when Im driving. Music helps. As does deep breathing if the patience have worn very thin.

I think I generally do a pretty good job of hiding my grumpiness. Or do I? I don’t like to come across as a bitchy, whiney woman. But why? It’s not bad to be grumpy, is it? Why should I feel the need to hide my complainy personality? I should embrace it.

Sorry for the random, rambly post. One of my university subjects at the moment is “Personality”, and it has got me thinking about my own personality.

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