Going through the motions

Hello to those people wanting to keep tabs on me.

Nothing of interest happening. All quite insular. Again. Still.

Lost my university mojo. Need to find it asap as it it assignment season – why the fuck are they always all due at once?? And I am now a week behind on coursework. Come back mojo please!! Blah.

It is school holidays. No need to squeeze work in amongst other things, which is always nice. Gives me a chance to focus a bit more on fixing myself. Meh. An ongoing, uphill battle I fear. At least I can snuggle in bed in the mornings and not have to get up until I am ready. Or the cat is ready.

I am seeing a career counsellor or whatever they are called, at uni on wednesday. See what I will actually be able to do with this psych grad dip and my teaching degree. I guess I also want to see what further study avenues are available to me, although I am not sure how much I want to do more study, and how financially viable that is. I also do not think my grades will fit into further study. I have heard a lot of entrance is linked to grades. I have also heard psychology is a very competitive field. Blah blah.

My life is still in a holding pattern. I cant go on with no direction for much longer.

I am loving the AFL being back! So much joy. Although there have been a few crappy matches each week. Booooo. Bombers and Blues later today. Much much joy indeed.

I am a bit addicted to iced coffee at the moment. Lost my taste for hot coffee but really enjoying icy cold milk drinks!

Loving the cooler weather! Bring on coat weather! And scarf weather 🙂

Currently pondering worthwhileness. Is it worthwhile? Am I worthwhile? Why am I even bothering? To what end? Sigh. Sorry, bit dark, gloomy, but these thoughts keep running through my mind.

Guess I will just keep on keeping on.

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