Melbourne International Comedy Festival

I really enjoy the Comedy Fest. It’s a chance to laugh. I must admit, looking back, I haven’t had a lot to laugh, or even smile about lately. Sometimes using those muscles feels very foreign. And then I get sad at how pathetic that is. This whole being lost, having no path, this feeling of belonging nowhere has kind of crushed me a bit. I’m just getting by. Not living. Not enjoying.

But anyway…the Comedy Fest!

The Comedy Fest changes all that. It gives me a chance to just laugh. And be at peace for a bit. To enjoy myself. Mindlessly, sometimes, but also some comics give me cause to think and wonder and critique myself.

We saw Jason Byrne first. He is so crazy. I love him. I’ve loved him for years. The Irish accent definitely helps. He does the most superb Aussie accent – hilarious! He is just pure comedy. Just fun. and funny. Nothing to think about. Just lose yourself in his hilarity for a bit.

Last night we saw Wil Anderson. He actually made me think. Made me want to know more about him. He has depth. I’ve seen him before, and knew he had substance and messages behind his jokes and tales. He likes to discuss social justice and political and ethical and religious and philosophical sentiment. That kind of turned me off him last time, to be honest. But this time, I kind of enjoyed it. I think because he has some great philosophies on life and living and being and I can now relate that to me, in my stage of being.

He holds his principles proudly. He had never shot a gun until recently and deeply debated with himself whether or not to. He is not religious, but does not scorn it if people need to use it to make them better people. He doesn’t think the universe is responsible for us, our behaviours, our luck. We are. This all showed me a depth to him I enjoyed. And made me think about my principles, my philosophies and beliefs. There are not many I hold dear to me really. Or else, I just have not sat and thought them through.

And he talked about either running from something or to something. I like this. Although I’m not sure if I’m running to anything or from it. Will have to ponder that one a bit more. It’s an interesting though.

Last time I saw Wil, the message I took from his show was “let them go”. People who make you stupider, sadder, more anxious. A worse version of you. I used that line a lot. I had forgotten it, I must admit. I need to reinvent it in my life. I have a few people I need to let go of. People who make me a worse version of myself. People who have made me a worse version of myself over the past year or two. I definitely do not need that. My current version is pretty average.

I think they will be my only two shows this year. Unfortunately. But there is always next year to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “Melbourne International Comedy Festival

  1. Fen

    This year is the first one in a few years that I’ve not made it to a show! I usually see 3 or 4 over the festival. I do love the MICF.


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