I feel like writing something tonight. Although nothing in particular I can think of.

So in the spirit of learning all about ‘Memory‘ in my Understanding the Mind subject, I have decided to write down some of the poignant memories that have stuck with me throughout life. You know the ones – the ones that just stick. The ones that clearly have a deep connection to your psyche. The might be false memories, I’m not sure, but memories all the same!

In no particular order….

I remember an ex blocking me in, with his body, to hear an important answering machine message. He didn’t want me to run away and knew I had to hear it. It was Dad letting me know that my Nanna had passed away.

I remember two of my loveliest boys having a BigMac fight in the hallway of a rental house in Bendigo in my undergraduate university days. It was after a drunken night out. They ended up rolling around in the filth! Love.

I remember falling in the pool when I was little. Mum and I were sitting on the side and I toppled in. Mum didn’t swim, so she simply reached in and pulled me back up by my long hair! Yup, A+ parenting right there.

I remember Mum asking me to stay with her one night, when Dad was in hospital. She said “Dad told me not to let you leave”. Of course being a bitch, selfish young adult, I left to be with my then boyfriend. Hind sight, eh?

I remember admitting to Mum when I smoked. She had forgotten to bring her cigarettes with her and I casually offered her one of mine. She accepted. and told me to stop. Haha But in the spirit of not being hypocritical, she really couldn’t give me too much of a lecture. Filthy habit. I’ve stopped now.

I remember driving 2+ hours to be with my Dad after I got a phone call saying he had been taken to hospital with a suspected stroke (turned out to be a brain tumour, but anyway). That was the most disgusting drive of my life. Not knowing if he was dead or alive. I do not recommend that to anyone. Physical distance can be horrid. I have a friend who was holidaying in the UK when his mum died. Can you imagine coming back from London after getting that news. Would be shattering.

I remember Easter mornings at home. Easter Bunny would hide mini eggs all over the house. I would find them then insist Mum hide them again for the next 5 hours. Over and over and over again. I was a bored, only child haha

I remember my cousin taking me on outings when I was little. I am an only child, as mentioned, and she was like a big sister. I loved getting out of the place to be with her. She would take me for ice-cream at Ollies Trollies – remember that place??

I remember never getting invited to weddings as a child. I was the baby cousin on both sides of my family, and consequently never got to do anything fun! I hated being left out.

I remember visiting Sydney with my bff and then boyfriend. I have relatives there. They showed us around and took us to King’s Cross where we saw a bloke spewing into a rubbish bin on the street! We also saw where Nicole and Tom lived. Class. NSW is all class.

I remember my first kiss. It literally made me dizzy. I could not see straight! It was on the dance floor of a nightclub with a long time friend who I had become closer and closer to. He was my first everything, but not sure if he was my first love. I’m not sure I have ever been in love.

Ahhhh TMI??

I think I may need to do a two part blog post. So many memories swirling now. And the associated emotions. Not sure I want them at the moment.

Thanks for listening. Well, reading.



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