Holding myself to account

A few things lately have made me think Im not doing great. 

Im surviving, and I thought nothing was out of the ordinary, but maybe I am actually lower than I thought.

Topping my suspicions is my reluctance to leave my house and see people. Im having to make a real effort to do this lately. Think I need to get back into work – force myself to be productive, be occupied. Holidays are great, but you get stuck in a rut, spend too much time overthinking and slump back into bad habits. That is where I am now. 

Im also querying what is so bad about suicide. That is scary to type. I have never really had any such ideations. But questioning it and thinking about scares me a little – a little too close for comfort.

Anyway, just noting that I need to keep an eye on myself. Its now documented. Holding myself to account!

2 thoughts on “Holding myself to account

  1. Fen

    There is a lot that is bad about suicide, just ask those left behind.
    I’m always up for a chat if you’re feeling like it, don’t be a stranger x


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