Work Update

Extreme emotion means a blog post guys! Aren’t you lucky 🙂

Just had a meeting with the tutoring company I subcontract through. Am thoroughly annoyed. Feeling flighty, anxious, pissed off. But instead of eating the feels, I will blog them!

So after gathering more private clients and running short of hours to offer the company (who have already filled me up with clients!!) I had a meeting to discuss.

Bad point – I was made to feel like a naughty school child for not telling them my availability at the end of last year. I think this is my main issue – it’s partly my fault, and I don’t like being wrong, and now I’m in trouble for it. So the annoyance and pissed offedness is partly towards myself.

Good point – They are going to try and accommodate me by giving some clients to other tutors and moving students to places that suit me. “We wont do it again” they warned me. Well then, my availability to you falls through the floor! Pfttt.

A kind of threat to resign came up from me, which is not ideal, but it was during a discussion of hypotheticals. To which I was told I need to continue tutoring for 6 months! 6 months!!?? Cue my stomach falling through the floor. They then clarified, students they cannot move to other teachers I need to continue on with. This annoys me greatly. 6 fricken months.

Now I hear some of you saying, “did you even read the contract you signed”?! Well, yes and no. So again, partly my fault, which I will admit to.

I feel like Im being held to ransom by them in this respect and I’ve learned if there is one thing I hate, it’s feeling trapped.

Hence the vile mood. Feeling trapped. Want to escape. Flight, baby.

I sooooo feel like quitting just to prove a point. What point, I have no idea! Haha

But another good thing is I held my ground. I told them I need to do what’s right for me and if that means more money and shorter travel distances, well then so be it. I’m proud I didn’t cave. Or cry. I nearly did haha

Now to cross my fingers they can fit in with my timetable – that depends on if the clients agree to it. Please be kind clients.

Good poits

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