I did a few units of sociology at university when I was doing a Batchelor of Arts. I enjoyed them. I like that sort of stuff – studying people, society. I guess that is why I also have an interest in psychology. Studying people, the mind, the whys and wherefores.

I like to figure out why people do the things they do. Those people who do completely random, crazy, outside-the-box weird stuff irritate me haha I guess because I have no frame of reference or knowledge or experience of their actions. I’m not aligned with their frames of reference, their knowledge or experience.

People watching is a wonderful activity to encompass this. How great is people watching?!

Social media is an amazing place to people watch. And wow!! have I watched some strange people!!

I’m a huge fan of social media. I really am. It has so much potential. If harnessed correctly, yet can do so much damage in the wrong hands. Or even in naive hands.

I’m not sure where I am going with all this. In fact, this post has sat untouched for almost 24 hours. I thought a direction would emerge clearly, but it hasn’t really. So I might just continue to ramble haphazardly instead of form a cohesive, structured succinct blog post haha

Social media, the current times, the differences in people from generation to generation have got me thinking. It is intriguing to see the differences between Gen X’s, Y’s, the Baby Boomers and what are the youth of today called? Are they still Y’s or Z’s..? I’m not sure. But what I am sure of is the ethics, morals, what is and isn’t acceptable for each generation is completely different. I think that today’s generations are free and easy. A lot more ‘goes’ than previously. Sexting for example. Is this purely because it is more accessible with the rise of technology and social media platforms? Is it something inherent with today’s generation? Can I generalise that? I guess I shouldn’t.

The language, discussions, interests, ethics, ideals – and I can go on and on – that I witness on social media is so enlightening.

The accessibility of social media is amazingly widespread. It has permeated all aspects of life. Much to the detriment of some things. Look, as stated earlier, I’m such a fan of social media, but wow! Have my eyes been opened up to the seedy underbelly of cyberspace and how people live their lives. And I struggle with some things I have come across. Social media allows conversation, dialogue, which, when you’ve found people you really connect with, can lead to private and intimate conversation between people. What I’m noticing, is people seem to have offline relationships and online relationships and sometimes, from my perspective, these relationship lines are blurred and can enter into that territory of cheating. Again, I will reiterate, in my opinion.

I have witnessed and interacted with people in committed relationships; some married, some not, some with kids, some without, who spend hours online every day. Why are they not with their significant other? The kids? Having quality time? Isn’t that what couples/families do? Or is that not a thing of today’s generation? Is chatting a way of tension release? And why do people choose to release the tension and relax with internet friends as opposed to their, I would assume, real-life best friend?

I think I may be connecting all my rambling threads.

One couple I came across blew my mind! He would spend hours online every day. Chatting to various women – sexting, skyping, meeting in person –  forming real, emotional and intimate attachments. Discussing his wife and their marriage. She said she didn’t consider any of that cheating. Um. Mind. Blown. If that is not, at the very least, emotional cheating, I do not know what is.

I guess this behaviour is my current bugbear – attempting to understand and add it to my frames of reference for future experiences.

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