Le Sigh

Its been one of those days today. A bad mental health day. No rhyme, no reason, just the wake up anxious and unsettled and question your very existence type.

If there was a reason, I could accept the crappy feelings, the stress, the dark – but when there is no reason, I hate it. There generally is never a reason. Or a reason that my mind has decided to make up or fixate upon.

That heavy ball in the pit of your tummy, the lack of enthusiasm, the tears constantly threatening.

Perhaps it is time for a doctor visit. Perhaps I’m at the point of needing help again. I don’t know.

I’d kill for some more sleeping pills – Im down to my last! By the end of these kind of days I just want sweet relief through sleep. Let the go day and (hopefully) wake up to a better day. Well, a not so bad day at the very least. Instead, of late Ive been laying staring at the ceiling for hours. Not idea. Not want I want, especially after today. Thinking is bad, yeah.

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