• only child
  • almost ready to exorcise demons
  • teacher, studying to become something else
  • short
  • flight, as opposed to fight
  • has walls, plenty of walls
  • childless
  • Psych student
  • will judge based on spelling and grammar
  • partnerless
  • lacking confidence, self-belief, faith in people, trust
  • cynical
  • semi sugar free
  • likes getting nails done, watching trashy tv, brunch, social media (mostly), winter
  • introvert
  • Officer, Melbourne
  • boring
  • coffee
  • previous wannabe runner
  • home owner
  • cat, Murphy
  • selfish, jealous, overly sensitive, cares too much about the wrong things
  • obsessive, positively and negatively
  • will rant, be dark and twisty, moan and groan
  • scared of spiders
  • fears being seen as weak
  • lost

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