Yesterday is continuing – the mood, this post. It’s all still going.

I’m actively numbing myself today. Shocking, shocking headache stemming from my neck, which is probably stemming from my pelvis. My body is just breaking down – going out in sympathy with my breaking down mind I guess.

I’ve been to the optometrist for a full work-over – that’s always a real treat – poked and prodded, eyelids flipped over, orange dye dripped in your eye. I need some stronger lenses for my specs – they are a bit behind my contact lenses now. And surely I will need pretty new frames? Haha Even though I pretty much only wear my glasses at home, by myself, at night.

It’s a busy day, which is what I need I guess. It’s probably bad to just continue to lay here on the couch and dwell. I have coffee though, which is divine to dwell with.I will get up soon. Need to re-insert my contacts – I had to wear my glasses home after he numbed my eyeball to check the pressure in my eye – never had that done before!

It’s also financial strain stress today too – joy! No fucking pay from this bastard tutoring company is pissing me off no end. Think I will get all the holiday pay ext week or the week after. Luckily, I will get some cash from my private tutoring jobs this week. Ugh. Let’s just go and buy stuff to feel better!!!

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